Dionysos is the prototype of an Old Aeon Savior deity and, as such, a dual expression of both Osiris and Horus--establishing the Pagan origin of the Jesus Cult. His mythos involves the ancient origins of the Fool King, sacrificed to make way for the New King. The Aeon of Osiris was apex. 1,000 BCE to the present, reflecting the Watery Aspect of Air. The rites of Dionysos bridge the gap between intellectual knowledge and emotional wisdom; and as such he is a sacred bearer of gnosis.

The Asana/Posture when invoking The God is hands upraised to eye level, right foot forward; bow at waist, return to upright position, both hands clasped together in Hindu fashion, and brought up to 3rd eye level, then lower again to between heart & throat charkas.

Hymn to Dionysos

Blessed, blessed are the ones who know the mysteries of the god.
Blessed, blessed are those who hollow their lives in the worship of god,
whom the spirit of the god possesseth,
and who belong to the holy body of the god.
Blessed, blessed are the dancers and those who are purified,
who dance on the hill in the holy dance of god.
Blessed are they who keep the rite of Cybele the Mother.
Blessed are the disciples who become prophets, the Gnostics
who hold the holy wand of god.
Blessed are those who wear the ivy crown of the Conquering One--
Blessed, blessed are they,
Dionysos is our god!

Adapted from the Bacchae
Euripides [480-406 B.C.E.]


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