[This Hymn to Isis recognizes her as the central Spiritual Being of Reverence in the Gnostic Pagan Tradition. "Evohé" (pronounced eh-voh-ay) is synonymous with "Ave," as in "Ave, Maria." Mary, the Mother of Christ, is actually a sanitized, revisionist interpretation of Isis-as-Mara, the Great Sea of Collective Unconsciousness from which Divine Mind, or Christ Consciousness is reborn. Other allegorical forms of The Goddess include Io, a Greek manifestation of Hathor; Cybele; the Great Hindu Goddess Kali; Gaia; and, in a biological (mortal) manifestation, the famous Cleopatra, last of the pharaohs. Isis is the Earth Mother. According to sacred mythology she preserved the body of her husband Osiris after he had been slain by Set; then The Goddess conceived The Conquering Son, Horus, (in a prototype Virgin Birth) before breathing life back into the corpse of The God. Her psychological equivalent is Intuition - Orientation, and her directional correspondence is North.

The Aeon of Isis was appx. 4,000 to 1,000 BCE and reflected the Earthy Aspect of Water.

The phrase "in the womb of silence" is an occult one of special significance to New Aeon (Thelemite adherents); the phrase "whispered...The Plan" refers to the evolution & devolution of spiritual (daemonic, allegorical) reality on earth.

[The Asana/Posture when invoking The Goddess is hands upraised to eye level, left foot foreword, then bowing to waist, slowing returning to upright position, hands clasped together in Hindu form, up to 3rd eye level, then lower again to between heart & throat charkas.]

If this hymn is to be recited during a collective circle, the High Priest/ess will speak the body of the verses, and the Celebrants will chant the refrain; or alternately, each Celebrant may recite a single verse and all will repeat the refrain, EVOHÉ, ISIS!

Evohé, Isis!

Holy Mother of Life,
who did once walk the Earth in mortal form;
Sister and Wife of The God,
Mother and Father to The Son.
Evohé, Isis!

Holy Mother of Earth, Anima Mundi,
Daughter of Nuit; Divine Material Manifestation
of all that is, all that ever was,
and all that ever will be.
Evohé, Isis!

Holy Mother of the Northern Tower,
thou who is, who feels the presence of all living things;
thou source of all joy
who feels all pain--
whose tears could drown the world.
Evohé, Isis!

Holy Mother of Magick,
Patroness of Science, of all healing arts;
Teacher of the use of herbs, and spells, and potions--
Revealer of all secrets and devotions.
Evohé, Isis!

Holy Mother of the Divine Child,
the Crowned and Conquering Son, Savior of the World.
You who nursed him in the womb of silence,
and whispered the secret of The Plan.
Evohé, Isis!

Holy Mother, Star of the Sea,
Patroness of Sailors, their lighthouse in the darkness,
guiding all safely to harbor home.
Evohe, Isis!

Holy Mother of Love,
Flower of Perfection;
friend of women and children, and men
dedicated to the righteous cause of peace.
Evohé, Isis!

Holy Mother of Death,
Refuge of the ill, the exhausted, the dying;
thou the Beginning and the End,
the Compassionate;
Bearer of peace in times of sorrow,
refuge of the abandoned, the betrayed--
all your children taken to your breast.
Evohé, Isis!

Holy Mother, Queen of Heaven,
Mistress of the Moon, of childbirth--
thou Staff of Life, healer, nurse;
Inspiration of poets, and lovers, and prophets of truth:
Gracious Goddess, Light of the World,
Mistress of Constellations,
upon your head a crown of stars
                       forever shines…

Evohé, Isis!
Evohé, Isis!
Evohé, Isis!

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