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Gnostic Pagan Pantheon and Correspondences

The Gnostic Pagan Pantheon is a reflection of the Tradition's affirmation of global ethnic inclusiveness. The Pantheon also reflects a close affinity (at least on one level) with the traditional Gnostic Christian belief in the existence of 7 primordial and androgynous or bi-sexual Immortal Beings collectively called Archons or Guardians (the Pagan Gods & Goddesses). Both the Gnostics and Greek Pagans also believed in Personal Guardians called daemons.


The Gnostic Pagan Pantheon very roughly and at that only in the most abstract terms--corresponds to the Archons Major. For example, Eee-A-O (or I-A-O) is similar to the Gnostic Pagan Maya; Eloaii to Nuit; Pistis to Isis; Sophia to Ma'at; Adamos to Amun; Sabaoth to Horus; Yaldabaoth and Samael to Set; Oraios to Osiris, etc. However, distinctions with these as well as with other traditional Gnostic Christian beliefs are manifold. For example, The School draws a distinction between the Graeco-Egyptian Gods & Goddesses named above with traditional Gnostic Archons (who are usually viewed as inherently evil.) The Gnostic Pagan calls the 5 Powers Archons Major; They BECOME thru us, as we TRANSFORM thru them--and vice versa. The Gnostic Pagan Tradition calls the negative rulers of the Earth plane Archons Minor or Oligarchs; they are mortal humans who exploit the Earth for their own selfish ends. The School advocates overthrowing the Archons Minor/Oligarchs through a process of Global Social Revolution that will eventually bring down every State Capitalist government currently in existence, replacing them with expanded economic democracy administered through an enlightened Global Planned Economy.


In addition, Gnostic Paganism agrees with Gnostic Christianity in that it views the god of the Old Testament (YHVH, corrupted as the tribal god “Yahweh,” and later “Jehovah” see below) as a false god, the illusory manifestation Demiurge--transformed through the Gnostic Pagan understanding as mortal ego-mind.


Mortal ego-mind is the dark veil of illusion that entraps the Originating Divine Consciousness (AMUN) of Universal Light within the self-limiting alienation of doubt, fear, insecurity and attachment to the bonds of gross materialism--i.e. "Original Sin." Whereas Gnostic Christians sought to flee the world of appearances, Gnostic Pagans seek to TRANSFIGURE, or spiritually transform, it. Also, unlike Gnostic Christians, we do not believe in Original Sin by reason of birth, or in the ultimate dualistic existence of Good vs. Evil.


The traditional concept of Archons Major implied that these Beings were androgynous. The Gnostic Pagan School visualizes them as embodying one or more manifestations of the primordial Yin and Yang, Shiva and Shakti, Male and Female cosmic energies emanating from AMUN. Thus, Gnostic Pagan "deities" or Metaphysical Currents can represent one or more of the following possibilities: (-) Shiva (-) Shiva [= SET]; (+) Shakti (+) Shakti [= NUIT]; (+) Shiva (-) Shiva [= OSIRIS]; (+) Shakti (-) Shakti [= ISIS], etc.


AMUN can be understood as the originating cell (Divine Consciousness) of the Hebrew Kaballah’s Tree of Life, or the DNA imprint of that cell--forever and continuously replicating itself (the "Big Bang") on every possible level of manifestation. 19th century philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche termed this the "eternal recurrence of the same." In other words, no matter what "happens" in the universe, it is always a variation of the same Originating Consciousness, or AMUN.


Gnostic Pagans view the Tree of Life, not so much as a description of an externalized hierarchal order, but more as an internal reality of every single molecule and atom in existence--including those of the human brain (the metaphysical center of human reality.) For the purposes of occult working, we separate this concept into 4 major divisions--Fire, Earth, Water and Air. These 4, in turn, correspond to the Gnostic Pagan 4 Powers of Manifestation--as well as to the Archons of Christian Gnosticism, the Hermetic Zodiacal Guardians, the Hebrew-Christian-Moslem YHVH (or, JHVH -- each letter corresponding to one of the 4 Powers), and the elemental complexes of all pagan pantheons, including those of Islam and Buddhism.


[NOTE: Relating to YHVH, Y = Daughter of Fire / Ma’at / Petro, H = Father of Water / Osiris / Congo, V = Son of Air / Horus / Rada, H = Mother of Earth / Isis / Santeria. This Gnostic Pagan interpretation reflects The Tradition’s belief that the Hebrew language – like Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics – was an inspired form directly transmitted to and communicated thru the human brain, unlike contemporary languages which reflect historical transmutation and corruption of Originating Sources. ­­]


The Gnostic Pagan Pantheon represents an evolutionary PANTHEISTIC Gnostic interpretation of Cosmic Reality, and incorporates as many ideals of traditional Gnosticism as it rejects. The world of Appearance & Illusion is not inherently evil, it is a CONDITION Amun self-created laying the foundation for the experience of WILL (TIME) & LOVE (GROWTH or MOTION—see also, Numbers, Magick & Motion). These Goddesses and Gods may still be called upon in ritual, using their original names in their native lands. 


NOTE: A listing such as Saturnus - (Set-Osiris) indicates that the deities in parenthesis represent a combination of Spiritual Currents embodied in the composite entity Saturnus.



As The Source of Originating Consciousness, AMUN is neither female or male, but is the Cause of all Polarity, both in Form and beyond Form; perfect Light and Nothingness.


Adamos - "lord bright creator" Yokut (central Siberia). Amsu – Egyptian. Atum – “to be complete,” Egyptian. Brahma - Hindu. Bumba - Boshongo (Bantu) southern Africa. Cghene - Isoko (s. Nigeria; w. Africa). El'eb - Western Semitic. Hunab Ku - Mayan (Mexico). Ihoio Mayan (Mexico). Kami-Musubi-No-Kami - "divine producing wondrous deity" Shinto (Japan). Khnum - Upper (Ancient) Egypt. Kishar - Mesopotamia. Kitanitowit "good creator" - Algonguin Indian (Canada). Kiya'rnarak "I exist" - Eskimo. Ku (as Amun-Horus-Set) - Polynesian [Hawaii]. Kumokums (Amun-Maya) - Modoc Indian (Oregon, USA). Kuntubxan Po (Amun-Maya) - Bon [pre-Lamaist Tibet]. Mahashakti - Hindu.Maheo (All Spirit) - Cheyenne Indian [USA]. Modimo Tswana - Botswana (Africa). Mungu (Amun-Maya-Nuit) - Swahili [E. Africa]. Neter Neteru – Egyptian. Nzambi (Amun-Abraxes) - Bakongo [Zaire]. Obatala - Africa-based (Haiti, S. America & USA). Olodumare - Africa-based (Haite, S. America & USA). Ometeotl - Aztec (Mexico). Pothos (Amun-Set-Nuit) - Phoenician [Hellenic]. Prajapti (Amun-Maya) - Hindu. Ptah (Amun-Nuit) - Egyptian. Purusha - Hindu. Re (Amun-Osiris-Horus) - Egyptian. T'ai Yi - Chinese. Tenanto'mni - Chukchee (e. Siberia). Ti'hmar - (Amun-Maya) Kolyma. Totilma'il - Mayan. Umvelinkwangi - Zulu. (S. Africa). Wakan Tanka - Dakota Indians (USA). Wakonda - Omaha Indian (USA). YHWH "I am what I am" (Amun-Maya-Set, also the Gnostic Pagan 4 Powers, see above.) - Judaic. Yu Huang Shang Ti - Taoist (Chinese).



Maya - IllusionFrom Gnostic Pagan Religion and Pan-Psychic Materialism : "all-pervasive invisible membrane of Amun, allowing the manifestation of appearance and illusion."


Ammavaru - Hindu-Dravidian. Eee-A-O - Gnostic Christian. Mayajala Krama - (Maya-Nuit), "one who proceeds in the net of illusion" Buddhist (Mahayana). Kangalogba - Pokot & Suk (Uganda &w. Kenya). Ogdoad - Maya-Chaos, Egyptian. Obatala - New World Africa-based, Haiti & USA. Oldumare - New World Africa-based. T'ao Hua Hsiennui - "peach blossom girl" Chinese. Unkulunkulu - Zulu (S. Africa).



Slayer of Osiris, enemy of Isis and Horus. First stage of mortal-ego consciousness, subsumed in The New Aeon by The Crowned and Conquering Child.


Abonsam - W. Africa. Ahriman - Zoroastrian (Farsi-Persian). Akeru - Egyptian. Anubis - (Set-Osiris-Horus) Egyptian. Ares - (Set/aggression, Horus/defender) Egyptian. Ayiyanayka - (Set-Pan) Singhalese [Sri Lanka]. Babi - Egyptian. Chamer - (Set-Anubis) Mayan. Chaos - Greek-Roman. Colop U Uichkin - "tears out of the eye of Sun" Mayan. Damballah Wedo - Africa-based. E Quaholom - Mayan (Guatemalan highlands). Erkilek - (Set-Pan) Eskimo. Gaunab - Khoi (Nambia). Guedeh la Flambeau - Africa-based. Geb - (Set-Osiris) Egyptian. Hades - "the invisible one" Greek. Haili'laj - Haida Indian (Canada). Hara - Hindu. Heh - Egyptian. Hoder - Nordic (Icelandic). Ikal Ahau - (Set-Anubis) Mayan. Ishkur - (Set-Osiris) Sumerian (Iraq). Jehovah - Judaeo-Christian (corruption of YHVH). Kem-T – the “Black”or Chaos, Egyptian. Kronos - Pre-Hellenic. Mam - Mayan. Mars - (see ARES above). Molek/Moloch - Western Semitic (Ammonite). Ordog - Pre-Christian Hungarian. Pan - (Set-Horus) Greco-Roman. Samael - "blind god" Gnostic Christian. Satan - Judaeo-Christian. Saturnus - (Set-Osiris) Roman. Siva - (Set-Horus-Osiris) Hindu. Shu - Egyptian. Summamus - (Set-Osiris) Etruscan. Susano-Wo Shinto (Japan). Taniskaron - Mohawk (USA & Canada). Tekore - Polynesian. Tezcatlipoca - "smoking mirror" Aztec (Mexico). Thor - (Set-Osiris) Nordic (Icelandic). Tia Haida Indian (Canada). Titlacahuan - Aztec. Tonacatechtli - Aztec. Tornarssuki - Eskimo. Typhon - Egyptian. Ukko - (Set-Osiris) Pre-Christian Finnish. Ulu'tuyar ulu toyo'n - Yakut (central Siberian). Vrtra - Hindu (Vedic). Windigo - Eskimo (Ojibwa). Wotan - (Set-Horus) Germanic. Wu'sguus - Chuckchee (e. Siberia). Xipe Totec - (Set-Horus) Aztec. Xolotl - Aztec. Yemekonji - Mongo & Nkundo (Zaire). Yoaltecuhtli - "lord of night" Aztec. Yum Cimil - Mayan. Zeus - (Set-Osiris) Greek.



Creatrix of All Material Manifestation.


AME-NO-TANABATA-HINE-NO-MIKOTO - (Nuit-Ma'at) Shinto [Japan]. Antu - Mesopotamian. Ayida Wedo - Africa-based. Danu - Celtic (Irish). Danu - Hindu.  Disani - (Nuit-Isis) Kafir [Afghanistan]. Divashakti - Hindu.  E Alom - (Nuit-Isis) Mayan.  Eloai - Gnostic Christian. Estsanatlehi - (Nuit-Ma'at) Navaho [USA]. Gaia - (Nuit-Isis) Greek. Gran Ibol- Africa-based. Hekate - (Nuit-Isis-Ma'at) Greek. Hina - (Nuit-Isis) Polynesian [Tahiti]. Kali - (Nuit-Isis-Ma'at) Hindu. Kybele - (Nuit-Isis-Ma'at) Phrygian [NW Turkey]. Lilith - (Nuit-Isis-Set) Sumerian. Luna - (Nuit-Isis) Roman. Ma - (Nuit-Isis-Ma'at) Cappodocian [Turkey]. Mach - (Nuit-Isis-Ma'at) Celtic [Irish]. Nammu - Sumerian-Babylonian-Akkadian (Turkey). Nannan Bouclou - Africa-based. Neith - (Nuit-Isis) Egyptian. Neith – Egyptian. NINHURSAGA - (Nuit-Isis) Sumerian-Babylonian-Akkadian [Turkey]. Nut - Egyptian. Nyx Greek. Oduduwa - (Nuit-Isis) Yoruba [Nigeria]. Papatuanuku - Polynesian. Pistis-Sophia - (Nuit-Isis-Ma'at) Gnostic Christian. Pronoia - Gnostic Christian. San Chou Niang Niang - Chinese. Sheela Na Gig - (Nuit-Isis) Celtic [Irish]. Shen Ur – Circuit of Heaven, Cosmos, Egyptian. Thea Greek. Tiamet Mesopotamian. Tonacacihuatl - (Nuit-Isis) "our flesh lady" Aztec.



The Supreme Manifestation of the Earth Mother.


Ajysyt - Yakut (Central Siberia). Ala - Ibo (E. Nigeria). Ananke - Greek. Ankalamman - Hindu-Dravidian (Tamil). Anu - Celtic (Irish). Anukis - Egyptian. Aphrodite Greek and Cypriot. Arawa - Suk and Pokot (Kenya, Uganda, E. Africa). Arianrhod - Celtic (Welsh). Artemis - Greek and W. Asia. Arundhati - Hindu. Aruru - Mesopotamian. Asherah - Amorite and Canaanite (Lebanon and Syria). Ashnan - Mesopotamian. Ashtoroth - Western Semitic. Astarte - "star" W. Semitic, Phoenician (Lebanon, Syria). Atete - Kafa (Ethiopia). Auset – “the throne,” or birthing chair; also related to “nurse” and “nursing,” Egyptian. Ayizan - Africa-based. Bharat Mata - Modern Hindu. Ceres - Roman. Chalchiuhtlicue - "her skirt is of jade" Aztec. Demeter - Greek. Devaki - Hindu. Durga - (Isis-Kali) Hindu. Dzivaguru - Korekore/Shona (N. Zimbabwe). Eostre - Anglo-Saxon. Epona - "mare" Celtic (Gallic).  Hastsebaad - Navaho (USA). Hathor - Egyptian. He Xian-Ku - Taoist (Chinise). Hera - Greek. Hine-Ahu-One - "maiden formed of earth" Polynesian. Het-Hert – “the house above,” Egyptian. Iord - Nordic (Icelandic). Ishara - Mesopotamian/W.Semitic. Ishtar - "star of heaven" Mesopotamian. Ix Chel - Mayan. Juno - Roman. Kore - (Isis-Ma'at) Greek. Kuan Yin - "hearer of cries" Taoist. Kundalini - Aztec. Laksmi - (Isis-Ma'at) Hindu. Madame la Lune - Africa-based. Mahacinatara - "Tara of Tibet" (Isis-Kali) Buddhist/Mahayana and Lamaist [Tibet]. Mater Matuta - Italic. Mokos - Pre-Christian Slavonic Europe. Nerthus - "north" Danish. Nsongo - Bangala (Zaire). Olofi - Africa-based. Oshun - Africa-based. Oya - Africa-based. Prthivi - "earth mother" Hindu. Quadesh - "the holy one" W. Semitic. Renenutet - (Isis-Ma'at) Egyptian. Rhea - Greek. SARASVATI - "flowing water" Hindu. Sepdet - Egyptian. Sesheta – “to write,” Egyptian. Sothis - Greek. Tanit - Phoenician and Pontic (Carthaginian). Tara - (1) Hindu. Tara - (2) Buddhist. Tara - (3) Motherland, or Center of Celtic Divinity (Irish). Tate Hautse Kupori - "mother north water"


NOTE: The following 4 titles and attributes (in green) of The Goddess may be spoken along with, or instead of the Enochian Invokation of the 4 Towers found in the Esbat Ritual in the founding document GNOSTIC PAGAN RELIGION & PAN-PSYCHIC MATERIALISM.  


Tate Kyewimoka - "mother west water" Tate Naaliwahi - "mother east water" Tate Rapawiyema - "mother south water" Huichol Indian (Meso-american-Mexico). Tate Oteganaka - "mother grain" - Huichol Indian. Taweret - "the great one" Egyptian. Tellus - Roman. Tezcacoac Ayopechtli - "mirror serpent tortoise bench" Aztec. Tin Hau - "queen of heaven" Taoist (Chinese). Trikantakidevi - "goddess of three horns" (Isis-Kali-Hekate) Hindu. Tu - Chinese. Tyche - (Isis-Ma'at) Graeco-Roman. Venus - Roman. Xochiquetzal - Aztec. Yemaya - Africa-based. Yemowo - Yoruba (Nigeria). Zoë - Greek and Gnostic Christian.




Brother and Husband of The Goddess, representing the fertile power of the Nile and Water.


Adonis - "lord" (Osiris-Horus) Hellenic variation of ancient Semitic adopted in Phoenician and Syrian culture. Apso - Mesopotamian. Atea - Polynesian. Attis- NW. Turkey. Avrikiti - Fon (Benin). Baal - "lord"W. Semitic (Canaanite). Balder - Icelandic. La Baleine - Africa-based New World. Cernunnos - (Osiris-Set-Pan, or Green Man) Celtic. Chalchiuhtlatonal - "jade glowing" man of water, Aztec. Chang Tao Ling - Taoist (Chinese). Dagan - Mesopotamian. (Iraq). Dumuzi - Mesopotamian. El - (Osiris-Horus) W. Semitic and Israel. Enki - "lord of the soul" Mesopotamian. Freyer - Nordic. Hastehogan - Navaho (USA). Heryshaf - Egyptian. Hunhau - (Osiris-Anubis) Mayan. Indra - Hindu. Janus - (Osiris-Horus) Roman. Jupiter - Roman. Khadir- Pre-Islamic W. African. Kianda - Kimbundu (Angola). Libanza - Bangala (Zaire). Lug (h) - (Osiris-Horus) Celtic [Irish]. Na Ngutu - (Osiris-Anubis) Ni Chimu - Indian (coastal areas of Peru). Nuadu - Celtic (Irish). Obatala- Yoruba (Nigeria). Olokun - "god of fresh water and oceans" Fon and Yoruba (Benin and Nigeria). Opo - Akan (Ghana). Oraios - Gnostic Christian. Osanobua - Edo (Benin). Othin - Nordic and Germanic. O-Toshi-No-Kami - "god of water" Shinto (Japan). Poseidon - Greek. Sabaoth - Gnostic Christian. Ptah – “the opener,” Egyptian. Shango - Africa-based. Simbi D'L'Eau - Africa-based. Tangaroa - Polynesian. Tatga'hicnin - "root man" Koryak (S.E. Siberia). TelePinu - Hitite and Hurrian. Taumata-Atua - Polynesian. Wadj Wer - "the mighty green one" Egyptian. Wu - Ewe (Benin). Yama - (Osiris-Anubis) Hindu.



The Crowned and Conquering Child, Christ and Lord of the New Aeon.

The dominant Spiritual Current manifesting on Earth.


Ah Kin - "he of the sun" Mayan. Ah Kin Xoc - "god of poetry" (Horus-Apollo) Mayan. Ahura Mazda - God of Light, Persian (Iran). Aion – The Lord of Light, Mithraism. Akasagarbha - "essence of the sky" Buddhist and Lamaist. Amitabha - Buddhist. Anti - Egyptian. Apollo - Greek. Arawn - Celtic (Welsh). Atepomarus - Celtic. Avalokitesvara - "merciful lord" Buddhist (India). Belenus - Celtic. Buddha - "enlightened" India. Cautha - Etruscan. Christos - (Horus-Isis) Greek. Ehecatl-Quetzalcoatl - Aztec. Erebos - Graeco-Roman. Eros- Graeco-Roman. Eshmun - God of healing, W. Semitic. Euros - god of the east winds, Graeco-Roman. Ganesa - "lord of hosts" Hindu. Gwydion - Celtic (Welsh). Hachiman - Shinto (Japan). Harakhti - Egyptian. Harendotes - Egyptian. Harmachis - Greek. Haroeris - Greek. Harpokrates - Greek. Harsiese - Egyptian. Harsomtus - Greek. Hastseyalti - God of dawn and eastern sky, Navaho (USA). Heimdall - "earth watcher" Nordic (Icelandic). Hehu - Egyptian. Helios - Greek. Herakles - (Horus-as-Prometheus) Greek. Hermes - (Horus-Thoth) Greek. Heruka - Buddhist (Mahayana). Hikoboshi - Shinto (Japan). Honus - Roman. Horkos - Greek. Hotei - Shinto. Huitzilpochtli - (Horus-Set) Aztec. Hunapu - Mayan. Hyperion - God of primordial light, Greek. Isimud - (Horus-Thoth) Mesopotamian. Itzam Na - Mayan. Kane - God of Light, Polynesian. Karttikeya - Hindu. Kibuka - Buggnda (Uganda). Krishna - Hindu. Lao-tsze - (Horus-Thoth) Taoist [Chinese]. Lebien-Pogil - "defender spirit of the earth" Yukaghir (S.E. Siberia). Legba - (Horus-Thoth) Fon [Benin]. Legba la Flambeau - Africa-based New World. Imhotep - Egyptian. Llew Llaw Gyffes - Celtic (Welsh). Logos - "word from the mind of the mind of the father" Greek-Judaic-Gnostic Christian. Loki - (Horus-Hermes) Nordic. Lubangala - Ba Kongo (Zaire). Lucifer – Angel of Light and Son of Heaven, Gnostic Pagan & Wiccan (corrupted by Fundamentalist Revisionism). Dies Solis Invictus – “The Invincible Sun” Roman. Tatosi - God of Fire, Huichol Indian [Mexico]. Tawa - Pueblo Indian (USA). Tayau - Huichol Indian. Teharon(hiawagon) - Mohawk (USA and Canada). Teshub - Hittite and Hurrian--Anatodia [Turkey]. Thoth - (Horus-Ma'at-Isis) Egyptian. Tir - (Horus-Thoth) Pre-Christian Armenia. Tiwaz - (Horus-Thoth) Germanic. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli - "Lord of Dawn" Aztec. Tna'nto - "dawn coming out" Koryak (S.E. Siberia). Tonatiuh - "eagle soaring" Aztec. Topoh - "God of the evening star," Pokot-Suk (Uganda and Kenya). Tsunigoab - Khoi (Nambia). Usins - Pre-Christian Latvian. Utu - Mesopotamian. Vairacocha - (Horus-Christos) Inca [Peru]. Vairocana - "coming from the sun" Buddhist (India). Vali - Nordic. Varuna - (Horus-Osiris) Hindu. Visnu - Hindu. Weng Shiang - (Horus-Thoth) Taoist [Chinese]. Webnawet - (Horus-Osiris-Anubis) Egyptian. Yah (Horus-Thoth)[probably the Originating Form of Yahweh] Egyptian. Yocahu - Puerto Rico and Haiti.



The Daughter of Fire who has subsumed the Father of Water during the Aeon of the Child, representing The Grand Conversion Shift of Polarity.


Adidharma - "the primeval law" Buddhist-Lamaist (Tibet). Aine - Celtic (Irish). Ama-arhus - Mesopotamian. Amaterasu-O-Mi-Kami - Sun goddess Shinto (Japan). Ammut - Egyptian. Arinna - Hittite and Hurrian. Asthoreth - (Isis-Ma'at) Egyptian. Asase Yaa - (Ma'at-Osiris) Ashanti [Ghana]. Athena - Greek. Atropos - Goddess of Fate, Pre-Homeric Greek. Ayaba - hearth goddess, Fon (Benin). Bastet - Egyptian. Brigit - "exalted one" Celtic. Ceridwen - Celtic (Welsh). Damballa La Flambeau - Africa-based New World. Devi - Hindu. Dike - Greek. Erzulie - Africa-based. Eunomia - Greek. Gabija - Fire goddess, Pre-Christian Lithuanian. Harmonia - Graeco-Roman. Hachette - Egyptian. Heat - Hittite and Hurricane. Hehut - Egyptian. Heret-Kau (Ma'at-Isis) Egyptian. Hestia - Greek. Hine-Ata-Uira - "daughter of the sparkling dawn" (Ma'at-Kali) Polynesian. Indrani - (Ma'at-Kali) Hindu. Iris - (Ma'at-Thoth) Greek and Roman. Janquili - (Ma'at-Kali) Buddhist [Mahayana]. Katyayani - (Ma'at-Kali) Hindu. Kaumudi - Hindu. Kerhet - Egyptian. Kumari - Hindu. Locana - Buddhist (Mahayana). Lo'cin-corg'mo - Yu Kaghir (S.E. Siberia). Mafdet - "she who sees clearly," Egyptian. Mahamanasika - "great minded" Jain (India). Mahamayuri - Buddhist. Mahisasuramardini - Hindu. Manasa - snake goddess, Hindu. Manawat - W. Semitic. Manman Brigitte - Africa-based. Marassa - "the twins" (Ma'at-Horus) Africa-based. Maut – Egyptian. Morrigan - (Ma'at-Isis-Hekate) Celtic [Irish]. Mut - Egyptian. Nan Nan Bouclou - Africa-based. Nanshe - Goddess of justice, Mesopotamian. Narisah - Goddess of Light, Gnostic (Manichean). Nemesis - Graeco-Roman. Nephthys - (Ma'at-Osiris) Egyptian. Ninshubur - (Ma'at-Hermes) Mesopotamian. Nortia - Etruscan. Padma - (Ma'at-Horus) Hindu. Pattinidevi - Hindu. Pele - Polynesian (Hawaii). Persephone - Greek. Pitar - "snake catcher" (Ma'at-Kali) Hindu. Prajna - "wisdom" Buddhist (Mahayana). Renenet - derived from "nourishment" and "snake," Egyptian. Rhiannon - Celtic (Irish). Sekhmet - Egyptian. Sakti - "energy" Hindu. Sati - "truth" Hindu. Selene - "radiant" (Ma'at-Isis) Greek. Shi-Li-Bo Nouvavou - Africa-based. Shu-Tefnut - (Ma'at-Horus), Egyptian. Sirona - Romano-Celtic (Gallic). Sol - Nordic (Icelandic). Surya - Hindu. Tabiti - Scythian. Tate Valika Vimali - Huichol Indian (Mexico). Themis - Graeco-Roman. Tien Mu - Chinese. Tnecei'vune - "dawn walking woman" Chuckchee (S.E. Siberia). Tou Mou - Chinese. Usas - Hindu. Vajradhatvisvari - Buddhist. Vajravarahi - Buddhist. Vesta - Roman. Wadjet - Egyptian. Whope - "consort of the south wind" Sioux Indian (USA). Wosret - Egypt. Z'Etoile - Africa-based. Zhiwud - (Ma'at-Hermes) Kafir [Afghanistan].



Gnostic Primordial Beings of Creation.

Amun-Maya-Nuit-Set – Gnostic Pagan. Isis-Osiris-Horus-Ma’at - The Gnostic Pagan 4 Powers of Manifestation. Khepher-Ra - "to make, to become, four" Egyptian. Tepi-Aui-Un - Egyptian. Also Various Totem Images. There is a view that also interprets the Archons as being sinister creations of a sinister Demiurge. This alternative view equates the evil Archons with the Oligarchs who rule over the mass of humanity.



Personal Archetypes also known as the Atman, Higher Self, Genii, Familiars, and The Holy Guardian Angel (Thelema).

Alad Vdug Lama - Mesopotamia. Ancestors - Africa-based. Bon Ange - Africa-based. La Flambeau - Africa-based. Loa - Africa-based. Nahi - Pre-Islamic N. Arabian. Naqual - Aztec (Mexico). Peju'lpe - daemon of place, YuKaghir (S.E. Siberia). Ya'haln'ut - S.E. Siberia.  Manito - Entire Pantheon, Eskimo (Ojibwa). Various Totem Images.


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