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Manifesto: The Metaphysics of Rebellion


[Originally posted 09/22/07]

The Gnostic Pagan School of New Aeon Philosophy has discarded formal organizational structure. Although the term "School" is aligned with the traditional Gnostic definition of a specific Gnostic sect (in our case "Gnostic Pagan"), the term is inconsistent with our more matured goals & worldview. Gnostic Pagan “Project” will replace “School” in future documents. We’ve also severed ties with the “New Aeon Socialist Movement,” and no longer support the viability of political action based on a hybrid socialist/ “spiritual” organization. The history of the world has clearly demonstrated that once “Spirituality” is codified into an organizational structure, it begins a downward process, obscuring its original insights (if any), creates an authoritarian hierarchy, and increasingly erodes individual freedom of thought. On another level, one can see this structural devolution in political organizations, where sects & in-groups form around a central leader or leaders.


It is a serious problem of ego & one-upmanship that sooner or later is going to have to be addressed. If not, many social revolutionary organizations will continue to be mired in sectarianism.


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One of the central themes of the Gnostic Pagan Tradition was to explore the multidimensional or trans-physical nature of reality, as well as its possible interaction in the political arena. Over the course of our work online, we noticed that most readers tended to fall into 1 of 2 major categories: Metaphysics or Radical Politics. Visitors  primarily interested in metaphysics usually weren’t interested in politics, just as readers interested in radical politics weren’t into metaphysics. Naturally, as an on-going publishing concern, we’d rather not lose either audience if possible; hence the realignment of information under the heading PARALLEL PERSPECTIVES of the NEW AEON—and dedicated to the 1st Generation of The Aeon.


PARALLEL PERSPECTIVES  replaces “Gnostic Communications” as our business & publishing name. It also indicates an openness to understand & explore other philosophies that are based on the idea of aeons—AND philosophies & beliefs opposed to—and in some instances, downright antagonistic to—the concept of “aeons.” We believe we can learn most from others who disagree with our positions. Our editorial policy leads us to often link to documents & sites from people who do disagree with us—particularly if their refutations or polemics are well-researched and, perhaps most importantly, well-written.


“Parallel Perspectives” also reflects the idea of Parallel Universes, a concept embraced by the original 1966 founding group of The Gnostic Pagan Tradition. We continue to investigate the possibilities advanced in The Theory of Everything (T.O.E.) We see no necessarily inherent contradiction between the revelations of science with those of the transphysical dimensions of Human Nature & the Earth Experience.


“1ST GENERATION” refers to children born post-2000 CE.  For example, the eldest in 2009 are 9 years old. One of our goals is to preserve “the best of” metaphysical knowledge & cultural ideas for this new generation, and to present it in a non-authoritarian or socially corrupted format.


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Modern advocates of Gnosticism more often than not gloss over the fact that the most “orthodox” Gnostic sects were misogynist & deeply involved in both astrology and ritual magic. These groups are also the ones most closely connected to the Essenes—and represent the earliest expression of Gnosis on a public, organizational level. The School suggested that around this same era, Gnostic Pagans lived (primarily) in Alexandria, Egypt during the Ptolemaic Period (332 – 32 BCE.)


The Gnostic Pagan Project explains that the Demiurge (Yahweh, the evil creator of the material world) represents a fractured stage of Unified Awareness, a restrictive level of human ego that can be biologically transcended in The New Aeon.


We attempted to clarify the Project’s theoretical/theological position by adding “Modern” to Gnostic as a way of delineating its philosophy from traditional Gnosticism—and that works, but only to a very specific & limited extent. The closest theoretical connection The Gnostic Pagan School had in common with ancient Gnosticism is that both utilized semantics (the “Word”) as a means to dialectically de-value the false systems & beliefs represented by the "Archons" (lesser gods or masters) & the Christian Church of Constantine for the Gnostics; the State Capitalist Oligarchy (The New Rome) & Organized Religion (The Beast) to us.


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The most glaring contradiction between Traditional Gnosticism and the Project’s view of it is the fact that, where the historic Gnostics perceived the natural world as the result of a catastrophic false creation, The Gnostic Pagan School insisted on the divine origin of the natural world. This pantheistic view cannot be reconciled with Traditional Gnosticism. However, we view the introduction of humanity into the world as potentially catastrophic to its natural existence.


Again, resorting to metaphor, the Project today asserts that the creation of the human ego represents a “Fall from Grace”—that is, a separation from Unified Awareness—a severance from Unity that plunges human consciousness into pain, conflict & error. All physical existence is based on the inevitability of life & death, the reality of disease & physical limitation. We do not pursue The Great Work (consciously) reuniting with the Unity for our own sake alone—and much like the early Gnostics—we feel a mandate to alleviate the pain of physical existence experienced by others (including that of non-humans). We try, but can’t help but wonder if any significant change on the collective level is really possible. The jury’s still out on that one.


This idea of sacrifice for the sake of others is at the heart of Christo-Paganism.


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We agree with the opinion that if you try to re-define “Gnosis” to fit any concept of Knowledge—no matter how liberating in form or essence—then the word itself is rendered meaningless. However, The Gnostic Pagan Project continues to focus on both Gnostic and Pagan theology, and forms a significant philosophical bridge between the two. If nothing else, the presentation of these ideas may prove beneficial—or at least interesting—to a few readers.


We strive to maintain a compassionate editorial position in relation to “New Age” and other ideas we criticize because, after all, not so long ago, we also embraced many of the concepts we now find untenable, even abhorrent. However, keeping cool is difficult when discussing ideas that continue to rob people of their sovereignty.





There is an increasing attempt by the American political establishment to absolve itself by blaming the Bush dynasty for all the ills of the illegal Invasion & Occupation of Iraq; but one can’t help but wonder at the functioning of the much touted American democracy when Bush II was actually re-elected after demonstrating what a dangerous mediocrity he was. Somewhere in its highly conflicted psyche the US electorate must have an equally conflicted screw loose.




The level of child abuse & neglect in America itself is also of unprecedented & epidemic proportions. The subject of the escalating violence between teens & even younger children in the United States—particularly the severity of violence exhibited by girls & young women—has become a “hot” topic for the mainstream media. However, it is really astounding that blame is being placed—not on a society predicated upon violence—but on computers, cell phones & the Internet. These material factors obviously have a role to play in this general scenario, but to pointedly ignore the socio-political basis of the problem is fairly typical of the American media & other paid pundits.


The escalation of social violence reflects the depth of alienation caused by a senile & distorted economic system supported by Abrahamic State institutions (Judaism, Christianity & Islam.)


Protecting the interests & future of ALL children is more important than pampered egocentric “self-discovery” or insistence on the dominance of any single school of thought or theory—including our own.


As for the term “New Aeon’—well, that’s even more nebulous than “Gnostic.”


Aleister Crowley had this to state on the subject:


The Aeon is a symbolic way of saying that in the present

age man will learn how to materialize thought and make

it truly creative. Such methods of birth will supercede (sic)

the production of human children.




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From our point of view, “Aeon” is an allegorical projection (or invention, if you prefer) of humanity on the existentialist cosmic backdrop as a means of making collective sense of things, as well as developing an harmonious interconnection of Mind, Heart & Environment. We variously call this integration Pan-Psychic Materialism, Unified Awareness, and TRANSPHYSICS.

The Gnostic Pagan School viewed metaphysics to be the language of the individual/collective unconscious, and Unified Awareness the voice of the newly emerging Individual & Collective Consciousness
symbolized by the image of The Conquering Child.


“New Aeon” is an idea that has been promoted by various Pagan Cults such as Mithraism, by almost all the Gnostic sects—and nearer our own time by Theosophists, The Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley & the O.T.O., and many others.


The problem is that almost all the groups have widely divergent opinions concerning The New Aeon ranging from the sinister to the ridiculous. There is not even any agreement just when The Aeon came into biological manifestation. Some claim it won’t begin until 2012, the 5th Age & end of the Mayan Calendar.


We only have space here to state a capsulated view of The Gnostic Pagan School interpretation of The Aeon:


The Avatar of The New Aeon is the Liberator-god Horus, the Son of Isis & Osiris. Both Isis & Osiris are represented in the preceding Aeons, as well as that of The Adversary Set (h).


The Aeon of The Conquering Child began manifestation in 2001 CE.


The next Aeon is The Aeon of Ma’at.


The zoomorphic falcon-headed god Horus is the incarnation of Krishna, Prometheus, Dionysus, Odin, The Pagan Christ—and all other Savior Gods symbolizing human emancipation & The True Self. Horus embodies the inner core of humanity freed from the constraints of gross materialism & egocentric philosophy. He represents both individual & collective liberation.


The New Aeon also signifies Humanity’s “magickal” act of Self-Creation.


The 1st Generation is the First Generation of Humanity, in contrast to being unwilling participants in the puppet genealogy of the false god Yahweh/Jehovah. Most significantly, however, is that this (post-2000 CE) Generation is literally the Flesh and Blood of The God, The Conquering Child.


This Generation is the first born without the memory of the old technology. These Children will either learn to harness technology for the common good (including the environment)—or everything will be destroyed. This is the tremendous burden The Old Aeon of The Dying God has placed on their shoulders.


The Elders have a lot to answer for.


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Bringing this rather obscure Gnostic Pagan theology back down to Earth, our metaphysical position is: Whatever benefits the 1st Generation & the Environment (that is, their Environment) is “good” and whatever abuses & undermines them is “evil.” We consider this to be the most objective & logical interpretation of New Aeon morality. For example, preserving the environment intact for the 1st Generation is a GOOD thing; the US War of Aggression Against Iraq kills innocent children, and therefore is a BAD thing. Armed religious fanatics (including Zionists) kill children, and that is a BAD thing too.


The 1st Generation is the most racially heterogeneous in history, bringing civilization one-step closer to the creation of a new, multicultural & united Human Race.


Again, refer to Gnostic Pagan Terminology, the section “Was Cleopatra the first Gnostic Pagan?”


We call the positive application of technology Transhumanist Socialism. The adult generation must focus on creating this new super-structure to free up time for the new generation’s “psychic” development.


The (2007) First Generation is just now beginning to reach the age of reason (7 years)—and what do they have to look forward to? Their parents will leave them a world ridden with debt, endless war & intolerance, a crumbling infrastructure, an environment dominated an even more firmly entrenched homicidal Oligarchy (again, for Gnostic Pagans the Capitalist Oligarchy is the modern expression for the Gnostic concept of the Archons, the obscene rulers of the material world.) The socially accepted “role models” for the new generation are simply the grossest narcissistic reflections of the Oligarchs. Their goal is to bring the cultural bar down to the basest level of aping their “betters” & compliance to the State capitalist norm.


Meanwhile, the political misleaders of the 21° openly debate how much torture can be publicly admitted to and how much can be legally covered up.


It may be helpful here to touch upon the distinction between “New Age” and The New Aeon.


Interestingly the term “New Age” is seldom used by anybody these days—and we think we know why. From the 1960’s onward many people had a lot riding on all the fantastic wonders that were in store for humanity with the ushering in of the New Age—and with the New Millennium in particular. Supposedly a New Age of Peace & Love (supported by a plethora of commercial products, gadgets & “psychic” services) should be embracing the world by now—but we know the reality is far different. The world is more politically violent than ever (but the aforementioned dubious products & "services" continue to glut the market.)


New Age philosophy (including the “Wicca” movement) is largely based on pseudo-scientific & pseudo-historic, a priori assumptions and circular reasoning accepted as indisputable fact. It is fair to say that New Aeon Movements do the same, although there is more respect for traditional science and related disciplines within this faction. The New Age tends to have a generally superficial sheen, a sort of feely-goody, I’m OK/You’re OK & Things-Are-Getting-Better All-The-Time attitude. Political involvement is viewed with extreme disfavor because—quite frankly—New Ageism springs from a predictably consistent middle class foundation that both individually & collectively often feels threatened by any but the most innocuous political ideology—and god forbid you mention the “C” word—communism (please note, with a lower case “c”.)


An exception to the above middle class analysis is the realm of Satanism. Satanists tend to be working class or what Marxists call the “lumpen proletariat,” the cast-off youth of the working class. Many of them believe that Horus is a form of Lucifer who is the Lord of the Aeon. Almost invariably these people harken back to the teachings of Blavatsky & Crowley, and they are usually white supremacists.


A prime example as to the bogus nature fundamental to “The New Age” is its orientation to the “dawning Age of Aquarius”—a concept intrinsically linked to the fictitious concepts of Astrology.


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Few New Age devotees have experienced what life is like down in the trenches and this is reflected in their a-political fantasies.


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Finally, New Ageism emphasizes external knowledge based on a myriad of the a priori assumptions & circular reasoning mentioned above.  New Age philosophy places a disproportionate emphasis on “spiritual” knowledge & “inner understanding” and discourages adherents from investigating subjects outside the rather narrow confines of “accepted” New Age definitions, fads & beliefs. The use of Awareness Enhancing Substances, once a central theme of the New Age milieu, is now condemned as the New Age increasingly reflects the prejudices & views of the reactionary host society.


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In conclusion, we wish to comment briefly on the political orientation of this site.



We support International Social Revolution—and we’re aware how unpopular that position is today, particularly in the United States. From a rational point of view it should be obvious that the exploitation of the majority & the Earth for the benefit of an insatiable privileged few is grotesque & untenable.


We completely support the idea that the Social Revolution must be two-pronged: The individual, internal revolution first, and then externalizing the newly cultivated fruit of this interior dialogue into the collective action required to overturn the corrupt & stagnate Global Social Disorder. We dropped the slogan “For Enlightened Social Revolution” as being too nebulous & replaced it with the more traditional socialist revolutionary slogan of “For Global Social Revolution!”


In conclusion, as Lord Krishna tells the warrior Arjuna in Bhagavad-Gita, sometimes it’s necessary to recognize one’s enemies for what they are & to wage war against them for the sake of a greater good. However, in that same ancient text, Krishna also instructs Arjuna in the Way of Detachment & Compassion. Translated for the modern world, the message could mean that although we are dedicated to the Social Revolution—that is, the unequivocal overthrow of Global State Capitalism & Religious Terrorism—we know that historic event is just one phase of a long process creating a new world & a new reality for the 1st Generation.


When the New Children become aware of the necessity for their own rebellion, our Manifesto (among many others) will be waiting for them. Nothing monumental or fancy—just a few words from the heart, maybe a little more.  A small gift—nameless and radiant.




Suzanne Radford,

The Gnostic Pagan Project



 PS. In the meantine,

 let’s keep our eyes open.



Children of Darkness


Now is the time for your loving, dear, and the time for your company

Now when the light of reason fails, and fires burn on the sea

Now in this age of confusion I have need of your company.


For I am a wild & a lonely child & the son of an angry land

And now with the high wars raging I could offer you my hand

For we are the Children of Darkness

And the prey of a foul command.


It’s once I was free to go roaming in the wind of a springtime mind

And once the cloud I sailed upon was sweet as lilac wine

Then why have the breezes of summer, dear, been laced with a fiend’s design?


And where was the will of our father when he raised his sword on high?

And where was our mother’s wailing when our flag was justified?

And where will we take our pleasure when our bodies have been denied?


So now is the time for your loving, dear, and the time for your company

Now when the light of reason fails, and fires burn on the sea

Now in this age of confusion I have need of your company.








The Gnostic Pagan Project



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