Hekate 2006


REVIEW: GNOSIS the DVD/Philip Gardiner

By JEFarrow


Last night I witnessed a Sacred Creative Event.


A few weeks prior to this experience I had received a copy of the DVD, “GNOSIS: The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed” by author Philip Gardiner. As I had previously read & reviewed the book version (and enjoyed it), I couldn’t help but be a little skeptical about watching the DVD. I was convinced that I was in for yet another boring, seminar/encounter group lecture on the topic “Gnosis Today” or something like that.


Boy, was I wrong!


GNOSIS The DVD is a work of extraordinary depth & beauty. Rather than a mere linear discourse on the subject, the DVD presents a tapestry of sight, color, images & sound. In fact, it reminded me of a really good Light Show. There was an on-going commentary by the author, yes—but even his voice too was pleasantly modulated & blended in perfectly with the images that melted in and out, contracted & expanded throughout the performance. The dialogue was perfectly in synch and balanced with the entire piece.


The production values were superb, from the high quality imagery, to the video direction, the exquisite sound & music; to Gardiner’s neither understated or overstated presence. One felt he was almost floating within an ever shifting, beguiling & mesmerizing landscape where the past & present combine to create a well fashioned symphony for the mind & senses.


The soundtrack was likewise amazing, featuring music by Marcy Playground, Soul Path, Soul Strip, Warrior, G-Zero, Love Planet and Ancients of MuMu.


I had reason to pay particular attention to Soul Path and was not disappointed there either.


It is difficult to tag Soul Path with any specific label. New Age, yes—but there something specially new & unique in the group’s sound. There is a classical quality that elevates them beyond the typically New Age genre, yet they are totally accessible within the Pop category. I heard in their music an element of timelessness, a deep connection with the—dare I say, “Soul,” captivatingly revealed to our mundane world now so desperately in need of such soothing charms.


In fact, GNOSIS the DVD as a whole brings a sense of calm & proportion to a reality torn with contention.








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