My words are tied in one with the great mountains,
with the great rocks, with the great trees,
in one with my body and my heart. All of you see me,
one with this world.


O great and Holy Goddess,
I pray Thee by thy
plenteous and liberal right hand,
by the joyful ceremonies of thy harvest,
by the secrets of thy Sacrifice, by the flying
chariots of thy dragons, by the sowing of the ground gnosis
thou hast invented on earth for thy children;
by the marriage of Persephone, by the diligent wisdom and
devotion of thy blessed daughter; and by the other secrets and
devotions thou hast revealed to thy mortal followers,
whose hands till the earth in love for Thee.

Come to us here in this
consecrated place,
Deign to bless these rites
with thy shinning face,
Bless thy faithful Children
with thy Holy Grace.

O beautiful Ceres and Great Mother Isis are One!
Grant us thy fruitful protection!

[Adapted from Psyche in Apuleius]

The Invitation

It doesn't matter what you do for a living or how much money you have,
what matters is how you live, how much you give of yourself.
It doesn't matter where you were born or with whom you studied,
It matters only when you give birth to yourself, and then share that wealth.
I do not care what planets square your moon,
or how much joy you express when times are good
and all the world seems to smile upon you,
I care only that when fortune betrays you, and you stand naked
abandoned at night near the edge of the lake--
you can still lift up your arms to the great silver of the moon and shout, "Yes!"
It doesn't matter how much money you have, or how many things you possess,
it matters only that you can be content when alone in the silent spaces,
and then wake each morning confident to do what needs to be done for the children.

[Remembered from the words of a Mountain Elder]

Song of Bernadette


There was a child named Bernadette

I heard the story long ago

She saw the Queen of Heaven once

And kept the vision in her soul


No one believed what she had seen

No one believed what she heard

That there were sorrows to be healed

And mercy, mercy, in this world


So many hearts I find

Hearts like yours & mine

Torn by what we’ve done & can’t undo

I just want to hold you

Come on, let me hold you

Like Bernadette would do


We run around, we fight, we fly

We mostly fall, we mostly run

And every now & then we try

To mend the damage that we’ve done


Tonight, tonight, you know I just can’t rest

I’ve got this joy deep within my breast

To think that I did not forget

That child, the song of Bernadette


So many hearts I find

Torn like yours & mine

Torn by what we’ve done & can’t undo

But I just want to hold you

Come on, let me hold you

Like Bernadette would do


I just want to hold you

Come one, won’t you let me hold you

Like Bernadette would do


- Leonard Cohen & Jennifer Warnes

David's Hymn

Yahweh is a lonely god
it is Sophia
who fills the heart
with song.


Hail, Great Light,
Our Brother, Horus,
Conquering Child--
Rising in the East--
Hail the Living God!


Come all of you who are not satisfied
as rulers in a lone wallpapered room
full of mute birds and flowers that falsely bloom
and closets choked with dreams
that long ago died.

Come, let us sweep the old streets like a bride
sweep out the dead leaves with a relentless broom
prepare for Spring as if he were our groom
for whose light footsteps eagerly we bide.

We'll sweep out the shadows where the rats long fed
sweep out our shame and in its place we'll make
a bower for love, a splendid marriage-bed
fragrant with flowers that quiver for the Spring.

And when he comes our murdered dreams shall wake
and when he comes all the mute birds shall sing

And when he comes all the mute birds shall sing.

The Golden Thread of Time

Chaos rules the world of Man and Nature
in the moment of now
Order will return for a while in the cycle of the times,
but the World will never die,
The Vine of Man and Woman may wither and pass away.

New Birth will come and Ma-at return.
New eyes may greet the rising of the Sun
In distant future, another kind may taste the living air of ancient dead
and rise in life from the dust of ages,
To wonder once again at the stars
and keep the Time to sail the seas on wind and tide.

They who are to walk the earth
will spin beneath the ruthless eye of Starry Serpent
and watch the hoary Twelve sail by with Orion
at the helm
And will they see the Sun give life by day?
As did we,
and live in balance with the world
For a while.

What clothes will you wear, my love?
And how shall I recognise thee?
Will we be as One as once before?
When we meet again in this ship of life.
in distant times,
On the Golden Thread of millions of years.

©2001 Crichton E M Miller


I have come home. I have entered humanhood,
bound to rocks and plants, men and women, rivers and
sky. I shall be with you in this and other worlds. When
the cat arches in the doorway, think of me. I have some-
times been like that. When two men greet each other in
the street, I am there speaking to you. When you look up,
know I am there--sun and moon pouring my love around
you. All these things am I, portents, images, signs.
Though apart, I am part of you. One of the million
things in the universe, I am the universe, too. You think I
disguise myself as rivers and trees simply to confuse you?
Whatever I am, woman, cat or lotus, the same god
breathes in every body...
I sail a long river and row back again. It is
joy to breathe under the stars. I am the sojourner destined
to walk a thousand years until I arrive at myself.

Rise up, Osiris. You are inundation, you are
living water, the oar that guides the boat, the delta created
by flood. You are the parts of yourself come together.
Your child Horus has made an end to your exile. Rise up
like corn and nourish the people...


 [New Aeon identification of the feminine Ma'at (Shakti) and
the male Horus (Shiva)
as co-solar deities
Horus represents the Eastern, or Rising Sun;
Ma'at represents the Fire of the Sun at its Zenith
or Southern Mansion.] 

Lord and Lady of the Sun,
We are here, we are


[Chanted during meditation.]


We were walking thru the forest last night
the path thru the trees was clear,
we could see it thru the moonlight.

I heard a sound, it seemed to come
up from the depths of the sea;
cymbals & bells
incense & spells
to carry me--
far up into the sky,
from forest into moonlight;
away from time & space
floating thru my mind.

The stars were clear crystal
diamonds of fire in the sky,
an ocean of infinite dreams
flying thru my eyes.

Down from the mountain
down to the turning ocean,
singing songs of gypsies who
travel without their bodies.

Round and round the moon they dance,
while the people on earth stay lost in their trance
the smiling

[JEFarrow, Forestville 1969]


Blue-lidded daughter of dawn, golden lady of the
mountains, carrier of her father's wisdom, let an old man
rest in your arms. Let him look last on love's face, breath-
ing love's breath. I live in light a million years. The sun
rises or sets now--it matters not. Here is ecstasy in death
and certainty in life. We are gods in the body of god, truth
and love our destinies. Go then and make the world
something beautiful, set up a light in the darkness.

[From AWAKENING OSIRIS, The Egyptian Book of the Dead by Normandi Ellis.

See review Newsleter Review/Nuit: AWAKENING OSIRIS.]

The Markandeya Story

A long time ago all living creatures had perished. The world was no more than a gray, misty, icy swamp. One man remained, all alone, spared from the desvastion. His name was Markandeya.
He walked and walked in the stale water, exhausted, finding no shelter anywhere, no trace of life. He was in despair, his throat taut with inexpressible sorrow. Suddenly, not knowing why
he turned and saw behind him a tree rising out of the marsh, a fig tree, and at the foot of the tree a very beautiful, smiling child. Markandeya stopped, breathless, reeling, unable to understand why the child was there.

And the child said to him: "I see you need to rest. Come into my body."

The old man suddenly experienced utter disdain for long life. The child opened his mouth,
a great wind rose up, an irresistible gust swept Markandeya towards the mouth. Despite himself he went in, just as he was, and dropped down into the child's belly. There, looking round, he saw a stream, trees, herds of cattle. He saw women carrying water, a city, streets, crowds, rivers.
Yes, in the belly of the child he saw the entire earth, calm, beautiful; he saw the ocean, he saw the limitless sky. He walked for a long while, for more than a hundred years, without reaching the end of the body. Then the wind rose up again, he felt himself drawn upward; he came out through the same mouth and found the child under the fig tree.

The child looked at him and said, "I hope you have had a good rest."

As found on the original soundtrack "THE MAHABHARATA" Real World Records and WOMAD.
This version of the great Hindu classic was partially sponsored by Peter Gabriel
and also features spiritually ravishing vocals by Sarmilla Roy.


Holy Mother Isis,
Divine Child Horus,
the Crowned and Conquering Christ!


O, thou Living God, Horus,
we invoke thee by thy Sacred Names and Titles:
Son of Isis,
Great Lord of Dawn, Prince of the Eastern Tower,
Falcon Avenger of thy Father slain,
Kindred of Anubis, the Power of Resurection,
Spiritual Twin and Consort of Ma'at, Divine Truth-in-Matter,
Keeper of the Books of Thoth, The Secrets of Ancestral Wisdom,
All-Seeing-Eye-of-Ra, Conqueror of Illusion,
Thee, thee, we invoke!

We call upon thee, O Immortal One,
From the Inner Planes of Pleasure,
From the Deepest Core of Being.
Thee, thee, we invoke!

Return to us, Our Brother,
Protect the Holy Mother, enfold thy
Mighty golden wings around the land;
O, thou God-in-Evolution, Prometheus, our Liberating King;
Thou art Lord Krishna, Apollo, Dionysos; All the Sun & Savior Gods;
Defender in times of sorrow and civil strife--
Renew our Vision and the Light;
Return to earth the Crown of Christ.
Thee, thee, we invoke!

The cities fall in darkness,
their outrage blinds the Sun;
Return to us, Our Sacred Self--
Return Thyself, O Living One!


2000 C.E.
Final Rotation of the Old Aeon

Hymn to Ma'at

All praise to Ma'at burning in the Southern Mansion,
Radiating the fertile flame of the Inner Sun
All praise to the Lady of Cosmic Law and Social Justice,
Renew our Strength by thy Light!

Prayer to All Divinity

My Will be done in Thee--
Thy Love be done thru me.

Micha & the Mountain

Micha climbed the mountain
far above the trees
but he found a shrine of gold--
fell upon his knees.

Micha found a dollar
lying on the ground
he put it in his pocket--
turned his head around.

The forest land was trimmed in black
the mountains stained with gray
Micha found a running stream
he tried to make it pay...

Wind rolls with the thunder
tearing thru the land
Micha turn your back on hate
try to be a man...

The sun burnt like a diamond
far across the sky
sea-birds all were crying
old Micha cannot die
...then a sudden blast of hot summer wind
and he is left alone
to try, to fail, to know...

An old man on the mountain
turns into a child
a little boy of seven
turns into a man--
he prays with the morning light
becomes the evening too,
his eyeless sight is wisdom so blest
the sea


 Forestville CA, 1971



And who will write love songs for you

When I am lowered at last?

And your body is that little highway shrine

That all my priests have passed.


My priests they will put flowers there

They will kneel before the glass

But they’ll wear away your little window love

They will trample on the grass.


And who will aim the arrow

That man will follow thru your grace?

When I am lowered of memories

And all your armor has turned to lace.


The simple life of heroes

The twisted life of saints

They just confuse the sunny calendar

With their red & golden paint.


And all of you have seen the dance

That God has kept from me

But he has seen me watching you

When all your minds were free.


And who will write love songs for you

When I am lowered at last?

And your body is some highway shrine

That all my priests have passed.


My priests they will put flowers there

They will stand before the glass

But they’ll wear away your little window light

They will trample on the grass.



- Leonard Cohen


Annette sits with her dragon
her anteater sings about faith
she is sewing green dark forest trees
into her warmest lace

she is only a creature today
looking sadly across the room to you
the room fills with her laughter
her eyes swell teardrop blue
hello, hello,
hello, she says...

Annette talks of clowns & symbols
while she pours the coffee you drink
would you like cream or sugar?
i take mine black i think

she will speak so quietly to you
from behind what Annette must do
she's on a trip thru a foreign land
where no one is her friend
hello, hello,
hello, she says...

Happiness grow all around her
fir trees touch the sky
she smiles & tells your fortune
when she could really cry

Annette has only her family
who together laced in faith
meet silently in the dark forest
spun from her warmest lace
hello, hello,
hello, she says

hello, hello,
hello, she says...

- JEFarrow, Oregon, 1972 -


Hail, Isis, Mother of the Earth
Hail, Osiris, Father of the Sun
Hail, Ma'at, Fire of the South
Hail, Horus, the Conquering One


Upon my death
the fluttering bird of

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