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Posted below and in subsequent sections of Numbers, Magick & Motion is information transmitted by readers involved in Earth Science and/or Metaphysics. Due the complexity of the mathematical equations pertaining to fine-structure constant editing poses a challenge and we apologize in advance for inevitable repetition. The data is significant as it relates to a Unified Theory of Creation, or TOE (Theory of Everything) the Revelation of Divinity inherent in The Laws of Nature or (Trans-Physics)




Certain material is specific to THE GNOSTIC PAGAN SCHOOL


NOTE: PARALLEL PERSPECTIVES does not necessarily agree with all opinions

expressed in this section. Reader’s to submit alternate points of view.


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Egyptian Royal Cubit News!


On the WebPages below are indications of the value of the Egyptian Royal Cubit—as well as other information and photos--and Gnostic Communications highly recommends them.




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The values range from 20.625 inches to 20.635 inches or 52.4 cm. Isaac Newton sent an engineer to Egypt and this was his result of the length of the Egyptian Royal Cubit: 52.4 cm or 20.63 inches (English). Letting: Egyptian Royal Cubit=ERC=20.63159148 inches speed of light metric=c=299792458 m/s Then it can be shown: [82944^(2/20.63159148)]*(10^8)=c=299792458 m/s [82944^(2/ERC)]*(10^8)=c [299792458/(10^8)]^(20.63159148/2)=82944 Letting: Electric constant or permitivity of vacuum=E=8.854187818*(10^-12) Then it can be shown: 1/[(82944^(2/ERC))*40*Pi*E]=299792458 m/s How is this possible? Were the Egyptians familiar with both the 82944 harmonic and the metric speed of light? Very strange! The ERC link to inches might be explained by the fact that at the summer solstice a unit ERC at high noon at the Cheops pyramid latitude casts a shadow 12 inches long or 1 English/Roman foot. However the 82944 harmonic link to metric light speed through the ERC remains a mystery. [Submitted by J. Juliano.]


The connection of the Cheops pyramid to the Teotihuacan, Pyramid
of the Sun is deep to the true meaning of the "collective unconscious". Most
information concerning geometric similarities between the two pyramid
structures is one of 4/Pi as the connection. However this is false. The true
meaning of the connection between the two pyramidal forms is one of
fine-structure constant,  (e^2)/2/E/h/c=137.035999935^-5 as follows:

 EGYPTIAN (Cheops pyramid)

 Height =486.2560047 ft

 Base leg = 763.81 ft

 The derivation of these geometric measurements as follows:
ollowing excerpt is reprinted from "Signs and Symbols of
Primordial Man" by Albert Churchward, a student of the European Egyptologist
Gerald Massey. According to John Henrik Clarke, in his introduction to the
volume, "(Massey)" was an agnostic whose intention was to prove that the
basis of European culture was created outside of Europe by people that some
Europeans later characterized as savages without a history or culture. His
search led him to Egypt where he found proof that Western culture was, in
fact, African in origin, the larger portion of it coming from the Nile
Valley . . ."

About the Pyramid of Giza, built by ancient Africans, Churchward writes:
The Great Pyramid, when understood, far surpasses and ellipses King Solomon's
Temple as a building, or any other in the world . . .
The base is a true square, and perfectly oriented, set due N.E.S.W., parallel
with the equatorial line, absolutely no variation of points; its base on huge
rock and that rock perfectly and truly hewn and leveled (sic) to the earth's
curvature of 8 inches to the mile, the importance of which is evident-keeping
it from convulsive damages as time goes on. The height of the pyramid is
486.256 feet, and each side is 763.81 feet. The height thus measures, with
the radius of a circle whose circumference equals the four sides . . .showing
that the circle could be squared by these ancient architects, which has not
been improved on since. Its base side length is 365.242 sacred cubits,
showing the number of days and fractional part of a day in a year . . .
Here, in the Great Pyramid, is the one material center (sic) which gives the
standard for those practical things-weights, measures, etc., and these were
carried from land to lands, with ...

 The EGYPTIAN Cheops pyramid formula as follows:

      (10^(486.2560047/763.81))/. 37=11.70623765=137.035999935^(1/2)
 Concerning the Teotihuacan formula the geometric measurements are as

 TEOTIHUACAN (Pyramid of the Sun)

 64.46 meters= height

 225 meters =base leg

 Measurements used are derived from the following article:    

From the Encyclopedia Americana 1961 edition, volume 18, M to Mexico,
 page 796.....Due both to their location and dimensions, the most important
of the buildings mentioned are the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the
Moon, and the Temple of Quetzalcoatal. The typical plan of these buildings
erected for religious purposes consists of a base formed by the
superimposed terraces, which supported a small temple. None of the small
temples have been preserved. The entire complex is surrounded by a platform
on three of four sides. The Pyramid of the Sun, measures 64.46 meters
high, with a square base 225 meters on each side, wholly dominates its
surrounding platform...

   The Teotihuacan Pyramid of the Sun formula as follows:

   (10^(64.46*20/225.0080987/9))/. 37=11.70623765=137.035999935^(1/2)

 Thus both formulas can be shown side by side as:

      (10^(486.2560047/763.81))/. 37=(10^(64.46*20/225.0080987/9))/. 37

 The key to the connection is one of height ratios to base leg ratios.
This ratio is RATIONAL which infers integers as described by the ratio 20/9.
That is to make the numbers equivalent through the fine-structure constant
one must have 20 heights (20*64.46) of Teotihuacan pyramid to one height of
Cheops pyramid divided by 9 base legs of Teotihuacan pyramid to one base leg
of Cheops pyramid. 20 is the base for the Mayan number system while 9 is
represented by the radian 180/Pi.

      It can be shown that the height in meters (64.46*20) divided by the
base leg 225.0080987 equals the radian function

 Take the radian form and divide by the 10th part of 90 degrees:


 This shows the primitive root of the geometric connection between the
two pyramidal forms: EGYPTIAN=TEOTIHUACAN


 There is a second Teotihuacan formula that links directly to the many
other ancient religions of the world. This link is through the magic ratio of
the collective unconscious 144/37. Upon further study the heights of the
Pyramid of the Sun can be measured to the top eave of the temple structure
that sits on top of the pyramid. Description as follows:


From the book by Readers Digest," The World's Last Mysteries” page
114..." The city was constructed to a vast geometrical pattern on a
grid plan based on two huge avenues, which crossed each other at
right angles. The main road was the so-called Avenue of the Dead, running
north- south for more than a mile...To the east of the Avenue of the Dead
is the Pyramid of the Sun. It has been calculated that the pyramid, which
was apparently completed in the 1st century AD, took at least 50 years to
build, with a work force of thousands. About a million cu. yds. of
material were used. Faced with the local red volcanic rock, it soars 216
ft above ground and is about 720ft by 760 ft at its base. The belief that
the pyramid was built to represent the center of the universe is
associated with its similarity to a number-sign sacred to the ancient
Indians-the quincunx. This consisted of four points set at the corners of
a square rectangle, with the fifth point as the center......

 Using these Temple measurements one can demonstrate the following:



 that is directly related to the 82944 forms:

      [(10^(143.9999879/37))/666]=11.70623765.... CHRISTIAN (144 and 666)

      [(10^(82943.99305/32/666))=11.70623765.... HEBREW (82944 Abraham number)

      [(37/1.080008174)^(1/2)]*2=11.70623765.... HINDU (Kali-Yuga 108)

      (10^((251.9999879-108)/37))/666=11.70623765... SUMER (Inanna 252)


 The fine-structure constant is the carrier force of the "collective



 Formula as follows:
    (ERC) 20.62994267 inches=[186282.0245*(10^10)*5280/299792458]^(1/8)

 Here one has inches, feet, miles, metric, and Egyptian Royal Cubit in
one equation.

                          ___________________________________                      J.Juliano

"The notion that physical, which is to say phenomenal, considerations have a
share in dictation of absolutes, contrary as it may seem to our custom of
honoring theoretical criteria, suggests a higher authority than either, a
very exciting idea."
- - Arthur M. Young from Thoughts on a Science of Life
Mr. Iuliano's stunning formula appeared as I was reading Chapt. 4 of Barron's
on-line book.  While it is particularly unfair to the overall thesis to pull
snatches of text out of context, I do so merely to illuminate a point.  The
following is a long quote from Chapt.4:

Although Penrose is perfectly well aware that number. or mathematical
Platonism, is “a product of the intellect alone”, he fails to draw the
obvious conclusion from his insight; if ‘dead’ number does not exist in the
universe per se, then this fact by itself means that it will be impossible to
arrive at a viable GUT in terms of a mathematical physicist’s model!
To get to the point, when we question Einstein's theory of general relativity
(which gives the same predictions as Newton's theory of gravitation provided
the velocities involved are small compared with that of light, and the
gravitational fields are not excessively strong) -- as Einstein himself had
once questioned the Absolute Space and Time of Newton -- we begin to wonder
why space-time should be treated as comprising three dimensions of space --
yet only one of time.  There simply seems to be a curious psychological
inconsistency in speaking of only a single time dimension.   For is not time,
too, in a sense, multidimensional?  As space comprises height, breadth,
depth, does not time possess dimensionality in relation to past, present, and

If space-time -- in which all the fields and particles in the cosmos reside
-- has, according to the theory of relativity, a variable structure that
itself directly describes gravity (with the effect that the 'arena' of
space-time joins in the very action taking place within itself!) then the
realization that there is more than one time dimension invites new
psycho-logical ways of considering the psycho-physical categories of space
and time, 'good' and 'bad'.  [See Note below for an interpretation of the
expression 'good' in terms of the ambiguity between rotation/oscillation (as
encountered in thermodynamics).]
Mathematics seeks to eliminate any living component from the objects it
examines.  But to do this is to restrict the psyche soma’s -- and indeed the
universe's -- own experience of "space" to that of dead geometry.
Because every aspect of geometry is inseparable from the notion of
dimensionality, we now need to define precisely what a 'dimension' means

       If number is relational to consciousness in an unsuspected manner that
is 'natural' versus the split-off abstraction characterized as 'dead,' then
we indeed have a new paradigm.  Since Young too sees the aspect of quality
that arises from the three- dimensionality of time, I forward the following
article that also flow or blend with the formula.


      A mathematical connection to Stonehenge, Cheops pyramid, fine-structure
constant, the proton and electron:

 STONEHENGE.... (288) double light

 CHEOPS PYRAMID.... height=486.256 ft; base leg=763.81 ft

 FINE-STRUCTURE CONSTANT.... (1998 NIST value=137.03599976)

      PROTON Mev/(c^2).... (1998 NIST value=938.271998)

      ELECTRON Mev/(c^2).... (1998 NIST value=. 510998902)

      Letting: p=proton=938.271998

 e=electron=. 510998902

 a (em)= fine-structure constant=137.035998631 (99.9999992%
of NIST)

 a=height Cheops pyramid=486.255745 ft (or 25.5 ten
thousandths of a
 foot of referenced data (486.256)

 b=base leg of Cheops pyramid=763.81 ft

 z=a/2/b=. 318309360312

 Then it can be demonstrated the following equivalencies:



      (10^2)*COS 137.035998631=36.7870785

 Things of interest in these equations is the z variable as to one-half
Cheops height divided by base leg power function compared to Druid double
light(288) with z variable as a SIMPLIFIED power function, (z^2), and of
course the angle in radians converted to fine-structure, (COS a(em)^-1).

      The NIST values used for the proton and electron are centerline values.

      The formula value used for fine-structure is 99.9999992% of NIST
fine-structure (137.03599976), 137.035998631/137.03599976=. 999999992

 The height used for Cheops is 25.5 ten thousandths of a foot of
referenced data (see below).
486.255745/486.256=. 999999475

 Combining the equations demonstrates the meaning of the proton as a
function of double light (288) through the "poetic meaning" of double light
POWERED, (2/(e^-z):

 proton energy= [288^(2/(e^-z))]/10=938.2719959 Mev/(c^2)

 This equation represents pure mind-energy-matter. The Cheops variable
-z represented as power to the mind form (visual reality...a/2/b)=z; that is
double (2) divided by light (electron.... a (em)...photon) to the visual
reality of a geometric object (a/2/b) Cheops constructs; sits as a power
function to the Stonehenge standard (288). 288 represent the mind
(D.G.Leahy: The New Universal Consciousness) while 2/(e^-z) represents energy
(e=electron) an energy that is subtly altered to the exact proton energy by
the Cheops pyramid constructs.

This is an eclipse cycle.  The idea is that one or more markers
would be moved around this circle, one step per year, with one or more of the
positions being considered as significant when the markers reached them. Next,
perhaps, was the erecting for the four "station stones", which stood on
mounds at four points more or less on the Aubrey hole circle, forming a near
rectangle.  The short sides of the rectangle are parallel to the alignment
from the center to the heel stone, and this line points to the midsummer
sunrise; the opposite direction points to the mid winter sunset. Now, the
moon's rising and setting positions on a particular date aren’t fixed, but
vary through that 18.61-year period.  From one of the station stones at one
end of the rectangle, the two stones at the other end mark the two extreme
positions of the midsummer moonrise; and conversely, from one stone at the
latter end, the two stones at the former end mark the extremes of midwinter
moonset. Other stones in conjunction with the station stones form
additional such alignments, some involving additional directions such as
midwinter sun*rise* and equinox rather than solstice alignments.  Several
alignments are repeated using different stones.


The angles between the
different alignments are latitude-dependent, so that the station stone
rectangle could be a rectangle at different latitude only if different
alignments were used. About 1750 BC, Stonehenge II was constructed, apparently
by a different race/tribe of people.  They enlarged the entranceway, with more
banks, and they brought in the first circles of stone.  They started to build
double circle, about 70 feet in diameter, of 5-ton stones, with extra stones
marking the entranceway.  However, this was never completed. Hawkins
speculates that there were to have been 37 pairs of stones in the circle and
that it was to have been used like the Aubrey holes, with a marker moved

The blue circle is the Aubrey Circle, with a diameter of 288 feet. This
diameter is exactly the intended, diagonal face length of the Menkaure
Pyramid, from the base to the apex point. The distance (288 feet) is also ½
of the 576 feet of diagonal face length from the base of the Great Pyramid to
the height of the altar floor. The base perimeter of the Great Pyramid was
exactly 288 reeds (of 10.5 feet each). The Giza Plateau was set out as a grid
of 288 squares, each 189 feet X 189 feet (1/4th of the length of the Great
Pyramid was 189 feet). The grid ran 18 squares east-west & 16 squares
north-south. In Numbers chapter 7 of the Bible, Moses is given a total of 288
gifts. The Bible is packed with astronomical codes, which aspect is, oftimes,
the sole preoccupation of an entire Biblical passage. Herodotus, the father
of profane history, left us solid clues that the Pyramid acre was 28800
square feet. The Geomancer's mile of Great Britain was 57600 feet (28800 X
2). The Waitapu standing stone circle site in New Zealand was a dual,
overlapping circle observatory, wherein the north-south extremities of the
site extended through 288 feet, geometric.

 This is taken from an article on Cabbalistic religion and it applies as
a form of collective unconscious coincidence concerning the "spark" number
288: the light of the "breaking of the vessels".

      (288^(2/Pi))/(10^2)=COS 137.036000986...where 137.035999935 is
Kinoshita's calculated number for fine-structure constant, or the amplitude
for an electron to emit or absorb a photon.


 Lurianic Cosmology

Luria’s cosmos is not an abstract static one, but the world for him emanated
out of a dynamic interplay of archetypal forces. In this way he departs from
the cold rigidity of the earlier kabalistic schemes. Our present world has
arisen out of three great dramatic cosmic events–the Simsum, or contraction
of God, the Shebirah, or breaking of the vessels, and the Tikkun, the
reconstruction or rectification.

Before the Simsum, the various powers of the Ein-Sof or Infinite God, were
harmoniously balanced and could not be separated from one another. These
aspects were the opposing forces of Compassion (Rahamim) and Stern Judgment
(Din), bound together in light. At the beginning of existence, the Ein-Sof
withdrew into itself, creating an empty space (the Tehiru or vacuum), within
which the forces of Din began to take on an independent life. This deeper
concealment, or contraction of the Ein-Sof, thus resulted in a purging of the
harsh dross, which contained all elements of potential evil from the being of
God. The empty space thus contained the forces of Din and a remnant, the
Reshimu, or impression of the Divine Light.

At this point the Ein-Sof emanated a ray, the kab ha-middah or “cosmic
measure”, which is represented in the first letter of the Tetragrammaton,
Yod. This ray penetrated the tehiru and worked to organize the opposing
forces that now filled this space, and brought into manifestation the
Primordial Man, the Adam Kadmon. This is the first and highest of the
Partzufim or Archetypal Persons that appear in Luria’s scheme. At this point
the four Worlds (Atziluth, Beriah, Yetzirah and Assiah) had yet to be
emanated, thus Adam Kadmon essentially lives in a fifth and higher spiritual
realm of existence. However, this fifth world contained four levels, which
were described by the four expansions of the Tetragrammaton (AB=72, SG=63,
MH=45 and BG=52), which appear often in kabalistic numerology.

Initially Adam Kadmon did not have the form of a man, but appears as a set of
ten concentric circles, the outer circle remaining in close contact with the
Ein-Sof. These ten Sephiroth eventually reorganized themselves into the
linear form of the human body. From the head and eyes of this Primordial
figure bright light poured forth. This light was gathered and held by the
vessels (Kelim) of the Sephiroth. These vessels, the primitive ten Sephiroth,
could only receive God; they could not in any sense resemble the giving,
creating power of the Ein-Sof. In this sense the vessels were incomplete and
could not hold the light.

The vessels of the upper three Sephiroth Kether, Hokmah and Binah at first
performed well in the task of holding the light, but when the light poured
down through the lower vessels, from Hesed through Yesod, these six lower
vessels shattered and were dispersed into the chaotic void of the tehiru.

This was the Shebirat-ha-kelim, “the breaking of the vessels”... The
original vessels were in what is now the world of Atziluth, but when the
light from above penetrated the Sephira Malkuth, this shattered into 288
sparks which failed to return to the primordial source but instead fell
through the worlds, and became attached and trapped in the broken fragments of
the vessels which formed the kelipoth, the “shells” or “husks”... These
husks became the evil forces of the Sitra Ahra, the “other” or “under”
world, preventing the return of the sparks of divine light to its source.

Thus the light or energy of creation “fell into matter”.
The next stage in the cosmic process, and the one in which we are ourselves
living, is that of the Tikkun, the period in which processes of restoration
and repair must be undertaken. The primary medium for this restoration is the
light that continued to emanate from the eyes of Adam Kadmon. This light now
became refashioned into a series of emanations known as the Partzufim or
Archetypal Persons, which restore order to the chaos of the Shebirah.

The Sephira Kether is reshaped into the Arikh Anpin, the “long-face” or
Greater Countenance of the Ein-Sof, also named Attik Kaddisha (or Attik
Anpin), “The Holy Ancient One”. Hokmah and Binah form the two archetypal
figures, the Partzufim Abba (“Father”) and Imma (“Mother”), respectively. A
fourth Partzuf is formed from the six lower Sephiroth, from Hesed to Yesod,
and is known as Zeir Anpin (“the Lesser Countenance or face of the Divine”).
A final Partzuf is formed round Malkuth, the Nukba de-Zeir ("the female
companion to Zeir"), also known as Rachel-Leah.

Abba and Imma remain in a constant state of union (like the Shakti and Shiva
in Hindu cosmology), and from this union is born Zeir. Similarly Zeir Anpin
and the Rachel-Leah Partzuf, are joined in an eternal state of married
 The number 288 is a collective unconscious link...288^2=82944

      (4^4)+(3^3)+(2^2)+(1^1)=288=Tetrakys form. Where did these Cabbalist
sages get the number 288? Collective unconscious coincidence hardwired in the
pineal gland?

      Symbolically the mythological association of the un-charged (female)
neutron (0) with the charged (male) proton (1) is one of the answer to this
question: Is the proton a piece of the neutron with electric residue of
interactive-ness on the electron or is the (female) neutron derived out of the
(male) proton with the electron representing the singularity
(ovum-testis)[Biblical ala Adams rib]. This in mythological history has been
interpreted unconsciously in various cultural forms as the fertility cult
religions using phallic forms: 1=penis=proton, 0=vagina=neutron. (The
Egyptian form of this phenomenon has recently been brought to light
(Nova-May) by some English scientists who have proved that the Egyptians were
a Phallic cult that worshiped the power of the blue lotus flower, chemically
identical to Viagra.) The Egyptians were a fertility life cult, similar to
the Hindu belief that the universe is just the continual orgasmic release of
the Brahmic seed. The connection of collective unconscious spirituality (the
arts, beauty music, mind, etc.) to the one of carnal existence (reproductive
reality for survival) can be mathematically symbolized by the exact energies
of the (female) neutron, (male) proton and the connector (ovum-testis)
electron. The electron represents the élan-vital energy. The residue of the
difference in energy between the neutron and proton can be "thrown" into the
electron Mev/(c^2) values through the inverse square root of the
fine-structure constant, the amplitude of an electron to emit (male) or
absorb (female) a photon.

    1998 NIST values for proton, neutron and electron in Mev/(c^2)



 electron=. 510998902=e

 Letting n-p=q=residue energy

 fine-structure form =137.036000986^(1/2)=a (em)

   [[log (a (em)]*(10^24)]^e^e^e^e^e^e^e^e=939.56533-938.271999066=1.293330934=q

 A transference of the eighth dimensional electron energies to an
expression of q residue forms of eight dimensions through the collective
unconscious constant Beta (.37) divided by the Transmitagator (18):

 p=938.272000526... 939.56533-938.272000526=1.2933294737=q


      A full expression of the q residue energy to the 12th dimensional mind
template can be demonstrated through the collective-unconscious constants
(Beta .37 and 18):




The Lost Secrets of Early Christianity


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